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REMINISCENT MONDAY: Bob Dylan Gets Soy Bombed

By rocknation / February 13, 2017

A look back to when Bob Dylan met the Soy Bomber during his Grammy performance….. It’s hard to imagine that Bob Dylan ever needed a comeback. While he’s currently a highly-respected artist who receives endless praise from anyone with ears, and he has more classics in his songbook than most people will write in a […]


Listen to Jimi Hendrix Playing One of His Best Concerts Ever

By rocknation / February 3, 2017

The reason why the Band of Gypsys period remains to this day arguably the most influential and beloved period of Jimi Hendrix’s career was because it marked the beginning of a heavier, funkier direction with his old Army buddy Billy Cox on the bass and Buddy Miles of Electric Flag fame on vocals and drums. […]


Elvis Presley alive: Birthday sighting sparks theory King is not dead

By rocknation / January 17, 2017

A BEARDED dead ringer for fallen icon Elvis Presley has been spotted at his Graceland home – fuelling speculation The King is alive and well. Despite the death of the American singer in 1977, age 42, conspiracy theorists across the world are convinced the star is still with us. Notorious theories of the King of […]